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2 September 2014

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2PM×ファミマ オリジナルグッズのニックンデザインTシャツ”がついにニックンの手元に!着てみるとこんな感じです♪とご満悦のニックン♪ご予約は9/21(日)23:59まで→ http://www.famima.com/2PM 

เสื้อยืดที่นิชคุณดีไซน์ของ 2PM x Famina Original goods ถึงมือนิชคุณแล้ว  นิชคุณผู้ปลาบปลื้มว่า สวมแล้วจะให้ความรู้สึกแบบไหนกันนะ จองได้ถึง 9/21 23:59น


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Congratulations!I still can remember the moment when we met with Your have sincere smile .You are always modesty and kindness.Our friendship will be everlasting and unchanging!You shall be sorely misses by all of us~hope we can cooperate next time.Take my best wishes@2PMNichkhun



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Sun Boy finished his filming part, and rest of ours will be wrapped up soon!


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[Pic][Info][News] 20140901 2PM’s 4th Korea Album Picture treaser Released.



[INFO] #2PM Pre-Party will be held at Club Octagon in Gangnam on 09/10 at 9:00PM KST cr._sowon211


2PM is About to Party Hard for ′Go Crazy′ Comeback http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/74880/2pm-releases-teaser … there will be clubs involved

Officially dropping all the comeback teaser, 2PM announced that it has a series of parties coming up.

2PM is About to Party Hard for ′Go Crazy′ Comeback

On September 1, 2PM released the teaser photos for its fourth official album. Some of the photos have been revealed before through the members’ SNS, but the newly released pictures include some new information about the comeback.

The photos revealed that on September 10, 2PM will have a MV & Pre-party, followed by the album released on September 15.

2PM is About to Party Hard for ′Go Crazy′ Comeback

Not only that, JYP Entertainment stated, “2PM has prepared a pre-party, guerilla party, and after party that only 2PM can do after September 15. As long as the wait has been, 2PM is ready to party crazy with fans.”

The first party on the list, the pre-party, will be held on September 10 at Club Octagon in Gangnam. More information about the rest will be revealed in time.

2PM will return with its new song Go Crazy on September 11 through Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

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