[News] 150221 Between albums and films, Nichkhun slums around on TV

Nichkhun Horvejkun, the token Thai boy in the South Korean boy band 2PM, must be dreadfully bored being a pop idol with bags of cash and millions of young girls swooning over him. The guy just can’t sit still.

With his second Thai film due out soon – “Tae Khob Fah Chalui 2015″ is a co-production between Thailand’s Transformation Film and South Korea’s CJ Entertainment – Nichkhun has decided to get busy with something else. He’s going to be a guest star on the Thai sitcom “Rub Saeb My Boss”.
Nichkhun will play good-hearted Piak, newly hired at the publishing company run by the show’s lead character (played by Thana “Oy” Suthikamon). Comedian Anna Chuanchuen portrays Piak’s uncle.
What makes this venture a bit of a challenge for Nichkhun is that Piak comes from Suphan Buri, so the multi-talented singer-actor has to see if his bag of talents contains a Suphan accent.
His fans can’t wait to see him try, knowing full well that it won’t be easy since he doesn’t spend much time in Thailand at all. We can just imagine him practising at home in Seoul. His housekeeper must be giving him funny looks while he’s pacing around muttering to himself in some weird dialect.


[Clip] 140221 2PM and MissA for CrossFire game

 CrossFire NA/UK

2PM and miss A showed off their tough characters, as they transformed into mercenaries aiming to take down a terrorist group in this epic action CF.

On February 21st, a short minute long CF featuring the two K-pop groups was released on Cross Fire‘s official Facebook account. Cross Fire is a free-to-play online military shooting game available for Window PC only. A five-minute CF followed the initial and short video, sharing even more epic action scenes.

Following the latest trend of creating real life CFs in portrayal of the game, 2PM and miss A are viewed taking on the roles of soldiers named Global Risk as they work together as a team to take down the world’s third largest terrorist group.

Word of their new mission is quickly spread as the head of the group gives out the command to his secretary, naming Nichkhun as the commander of the mission due to his top abilities, adding that Min must be the one to send out the mission to Wooyoung as she is “the only one who could get him under control.”

Junho is portrayed as highly skilled sharp shooter as he is able to throw a dart at the core of the board easily as he passes by, while Jun.K seems to be the brain of the group as he concentrates on working on a rubik’s cube. As everyone assembles, Taecyeon and Fei seem to already be in the middle of the mission as they make their way into a seemingly abandoned factory building, but are in danger of getting apprehended by the enemy.


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