[News] 141023 Who is the craziest member of 2PM?

The public broadcaster KBS released Wednesday its interview with members of K-pop idol group 2PM who made comeback with “Go Crazy” earlier this month.

The group successfully held their world tour concert in Seoul Oct. 3-4, where the crowd at concert venue Jamsil gymnasium went wild with enthusiasm.

“I think we’re getting old these days. I feel my body has become heavier than before when I perform onstage. However, even though I am much older, I could work harder with my fans’ cheering,” Nichkhun said when asked about the most difficult thing in the preparation for the concert.

“We feel more comfortable on stage so we can enjoy communicating with our fans while we perform. Of course, I wish I had more physical energy, but I will try to enjoy to best of my abilities,” Jun.K answered when asked about the things that have changed.

“The craziest member? Taecyeon! See? He is really crazy,” Chansung said, when Taecyeon walked between him and the interviewer, saying, “Me!”

“My arm was injured recently, so I haven’t worked out these days. That’s why I am not sure whether I can show my muscular body on the stage,” Taecyeon said when asked about their physical condition.

The group started the concert with “Heartbeat” and performed their other hits such as “Without U” and “Go Crazy.”

They did not leave out the romantic songs including “Rain” and “I’m Sorry.”

In return for fans’ love, Taecyeon took off his shirt on the stage of “Come Back to Me” saying that he had concentrated on his workout for two months.

After successfully performing in Seoul, 2PM held its “2PM World Tour GO CRAZY” concert in Bangkok in Thailand on Oct. 11. The group plans to hold their worldwide tour in Beijing on Nov. 1.

By Park Gyu-oh (q5park@heraldcorp.com)


[Tran] 141023 Nichkhun for Hottest Japan Mobile


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Nichkhun : myself

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This is Wooyoung~! Is he the same one at the same place? Wooyoung who absorbs every style like a sponge! He’s really handsome!!!
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