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【Eng Trans ManGu Magazine】 Issue 79 Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul – Kpop Super Idol

Trans: Chulove Union 初心工会 – Alpaca

2015 IME Most Influential Thai Star on Chinese Media – Thai-born Kpop Super Idol Group Member Nichkhun
ManGu Cover Story

On November 26th, 2016 (should be 2015), Jiranai Entertainment hosted the 2015 Thailand Headlines Person of the Year Award Ceremony. That night, Nichkhun won the honour of ‘2015 IME The Most Influential Thai Star on Chinese Media Award’. This is not only a recognition to a year’s hard work for Nichkhun, but also a recognition of the strong influence he has brought to Asia. This time, our magazine ManGu has honorably got the chance to do an exclusive interview with Nichkhun! Now, let us see a new side of Nichkhun!

Journalist (‘J’ thereinafter) : Can you tell us about your childhood?
Nichkhun thought for a moment, then jokingly said: I was born in the US, then I moved back to Thailand with my family when I was 2, so I spoke Thai growing up. When I was a kid, I was like any other kid, my dad hoped that I wasn’t just good at school, but also had strengths in other hobbies, and he hoped that I could use my knowledge in my daily life. So aside from going to school regularly, I had to practise sports, learn arts, and had a full schedule every weekend. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to play with the other children, so I didn’t have many friends at that time. When I was twelve, my parents wanted me to learn English so they sent me to a New Zealand boarding school, and my dad sent me to a high-class private boarding school, so the tuition was really high, but I was able to learn a lot of things. I studied there for about a year or two, then I went to the US when I was 15 for highschool, after graduating high school, I went to Korea.

J: So you live in Korea most of the time now?
Khun: Most of my time is spent overseas, I have about 4 to 5 months working in Japan, about 2 to 3 months in China, and then almost all the rest of the time I spend in Korea. In Korea I have to practice dancing, singing, record for TV shows and prepare for concerts, so I barely have time to see my family in Thailand.

J: As an all-around artist, being a model, singer and actor, which type of work do you like best?
Khun: No matter if the job is being a model, actor or singer, they all have their own charms, and I like them all. When I’m a singer, I can communicate with my music, I can sing to my fans and I can meet them face to face; when I’m an actor, I use my dramas to communicate with my audience, they can watch me act. As a singer, I’m the happiest when everyone listens to our album and our music and they like and support us. But what makes my most happiest is when my dad, mom, grandma, sisters and my family acknowledges my work and comes to the award ceremonies with me, just like today when even my grandma came to see me. My family comes often when we have concerts too.

J: Everyone had a dream as a child, what was your dream when you were young?
After hearing the question, Nichkhun smiled bashfully for a long time, then said: I had many dreams when I was young, and they kept changing as I grew. I once dreamt of being a photographer, dreamt of being a scientist, and I also dreamt of being a pianist, but in the end I became an artist.

J: What new works will you show us soon?
Khun: We are recently preparing for our end-of-the-year performances in Korea, next year (2016) in March 2PM will have a tour in Thailand, hope our fans will come and support us! Every time we come back to Thailand, our fans are really passionate, and they’ve all been so supportive.

J: We know that you’ve acted in ‘Seven Something’ which was a Thai movie, what other acting roles have you had? What Chinese productions have you acted in?
Khun: ‘Seven Something’ was where I had my first major acting role, it was fun when I was filming for it; it felt very free. I also had fun working with so many lovely seniors in the industry, I hope I get more chances to film in Thailand. I have time but I will have to look at my schedule, because I will busy working in Korea and Japan lately. I don’t have any new productions coming out in Thailand, although I do have two dramas in China: one already aired called ‘One and a half Summer’, the other one is still in negotiation of the broadcasting dates, perhaps next year. This is a new challenge for me, because my Chinese is not very fluent, but I really appreciate them for giving me this opportunity. When we communicate we use English, but I try my best to talk to my partners in simple Chinese.

J: How is your Chinese now? Do you go to China often?
Nichkhun shyly laughed, “I am learning Chinese now, but I can only engage in simple conversations. It’s easy to forget a language if I don’t use it often, because I have to use Japanese when I work in Japan, then I will forget Chinese; then if I work in China and speak Chinese then I will forget Japanese. I speak Thai most of the time, then Korean, Chinese and Japanese I don’t use as often, because I am not that fluent in it.
When I film dramas I usually stay in China for about three to four months, not that often, because I still have to focus on work in Korea and Japan, and sometimes attend ceremonies and events in Thailand. But sometimes it gets really tiring, and it slows the filming progress, then I have to inform the filming crew of my leave of absence, and fly over to finish the filming. Then again I am really happy, because in a Sino-Korea production, there are many Chinese and Korean stars, and I can meet more people.

J: Now you have many fans in China, you’ve also been awarded the most influential person in Chinese and Thai media, how do you feel?
Nichkhun smiled, “I am very happy to have received popularity from my Chinese fans, and I do feel that I am Chinese, because my mother and my grandma are Chinese. I am really happy to receive the love from my Chinese fans, and I hope I get more chances to work in China. But this really depends on my schedule because my work in Korea and Japan can get hectic.

J: If you had a chance to work with a Chinese artist, who would you like to work with?
Khun: I had met Jay Chow before, and we had dinner together. I think he is a really great person; he can sing, he can compose and he can play the piano well. I hope I get a chance to work with him.

J: Besides work, what does your daily life look like? What are you interested in recently?
Khun: If I have the spare time I would be like an ordinary person and stay at home, nothing special. Also, I like to go to supermarkets, buy fruits and etc. Recently I’ve picked up golf, if I have time then I go out and exercise.

J: You said you are interested in golf now, why do you like this sport?
Khun: My dad taught me how to play when I was young, and I liked this sport since then. But I never really got the chance to play, because not a lot of people at my age play this sport. I haven’t seen my brother for a long time, and my brother likes to play golf too, so sometimes my brother will invite me to play golf together.

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[News] 160121 ‘The 30th Golden’ Album Award Nominations’ 2PM·B1A4·EXO

Even if this era is consumed up of streaming music, there is still hope in the album markets. K-pop stars, who exceeded Asia, had album sale results that are being bragged by their fandom world wide. Who will be the winner that will shine on the stage of The 30th Golden Disk Awards

Release Date: 2015.06.15
Album Name: NO.5
Title Track: My House
An album that presented the transformation into a singer songwriter. The title track ‘My House’ was composed by Jun.K; it was the first time where a member’s self composed song became a nominee. ‘My House’ was a song that portrayed 2PM’s maturity of their 8th year. 2PM even captured the fans hearts with the straightforward seduction towards the women of their interest with a soft yet sexy melody. Charting number 1 as soon as they released ‘My House’ was a given; they peaked number 1 on a domesticated music shows and charted number 1 on Japan’s Oricon chart. 2PM stretched out to their Korean and Japanese fans at once.
[+38 -1] Congratulations to 2PM B1A4 EXO for becoming nominees
[+39 -5] Fighting 2PM! I like their album
[+35 -5] 2PM ❤️❤️❤️ I like the song ‘My House’
[+25 -2] 2PM Fighting!!!! I really like ‘My House’…
[+25 -2] I was disappointed that their goodbye stage was when they made their comeback, but I’m happy to hear they are nominated for the golden disk award.
[+16 -1] 2PM fighting!!!!!! I’ll always be supporting!
[+13 -1] Congratulations to all three groups, but 2PM❤️ By the way, Mr. Reporter, it’s not their first album with a self composed title track~ Anyways I love 2PM
[+13 -1] I really like ‘My House’ㅜㅜ But it’s not their first self composed title track…ㅋㅋㅋ
[+15 -2] 2PM’s ‘My House’ was a really good song… The choreography was really good too….
[+14 -2] Ooh~ 2PM’s song and concept is really good, but I was disappointed at their short promotion periodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[+27 -9] Oh My God. It’s 2PM and EXO…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Album nominees ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m so proud to hear that they’re nominated..


[Clip][Trans][Pic][News] 160122 Nichkhun & Taecyeon for InStyle (February 2016)


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After crossing over to Korea from Thailand and the U.S. it’s already their 8th year working together. At some point, the youths in their early 20s who were so full of enthusiastic vigour have become professionals at what they do, growing into charming men with a sense of composure in their hearts. How many times the same-age friends must have understood and accepted each other during this growth. The talk about their friendship that felt like listening to a comedy.

Catching up

Taecyeon: Both of us have done a lot of sports. Khun might’ve as well decided to become a professional golfer in the future; he’s so much into it together with Chansung, while I’m taking up Pilates to cultivate flexibility.

Nichkhun: It’s also been a while since just the two of us met. Since we see each other often when we work, we don’t meet up that much during our time off. The conversations in our mobile chat group also get cut off one by one.


Nichkhun: Taecyeon radiates manly image because of his appearance, but in reality he’s the embodiment of cute. Some of his gestures ooze with childish cuteness in day-to-day life.

Taecyeon: Khun is a lot manlier than me. He’s more known to the general public because of his appearance, but I think that his strong inner-character and professionalism at work should be highlighted more.

Revelation War

Nichkhun: Taecyeon releases this clicking sound when he concentrates on something. If you hear this weird sound in a quiet room it’s the proof that Taecyeon’s is working hard on something.

Taecyeon: Sometimes Khun’s ears get really red. When he gets really mad, his ears turn as red as Shin Dongyeob senior’s, and sometimes the colour doesn’t even change.

Ideal type

Taecyeon: I used to like cute and short girls, but as I grow older I’ve decided to open up my heart. Now, disregarding the ideal, I like everyone! Khun says that the most important thing to him is proper communication. Whether it’s in Thai, English or Korean…

NIchkhun: I like women who are good at what they do. It’d be great to meet a woman with whom I could share deep thoughts about work and the future.

Strong Memory

Nichkhun: Right before 2PM was about to debut, around in June 2008, each member shot an introduction video through an Internet TV program. Back then, Taecyeon and I ate crab marinated in soy sauce (ganjang gyejang) and rode wakeboards in Gapyeong. That’s the most memorable time for me. It was right before we got really busy, and we seldom had a chance to have a good time out because we were preparing for the debut, so it was really fun.

Taecyeon: The most ridiculous memory is breaking my arm while arm-wrestling Junho in a waiting room. It was right before a broadcast, so the MC was there too, as well as around 10 cameras set and ready, but because of my broken bone, the filming plans were scrapped. After a long time the metal pin was removed last year. Arm-wrestling is a really dangerous sport.


Nichkhun: Up till now the “beastly idols” image is there when people speak of 2PM, but, to be honest, we let go of that title a long time ago. Since we have aged, I think you’ll have to get rid of the “idol.” Just “beasts?”

Taecyeon: If we display our natural image in the future, wouldn’t a new epithet come around? However, first you have to release an album to speak about things. (bursts into laughter) I’d like to give a spoiler here, but since nothing’s been decided as of yet, I have nothing to say. Recording sessions start next week, so let’s just say that it won’t take long before we come back!

(About Nichkhun)

Taecyeon: Nichkhun’s biggest strong point is his kindness and consideration of others. Ever since the debut days he’s been taking a good care of the staff members. However, I wish he’d fix his habit of cuddling me when he gets drunk. (laughs)

(About Taecyeon)

Nichkhun: Taecyeon is fast at decision making. When we have a discussion among the members, or when we are trying to decide on an album concept, he’s the one who objectively offers the direction to take. What’s more, (he’s like that) even when we decide on the lunch menu

credit: http://egle0702.tumblr.com/post/137617521800/trans-instyle-february-2016-nichkhuntaecyeon




Q. What is Taecyeon’s biggest strength?
Khun: His biggest strength is his decision power. He’s good a playing the decisive role at meetings.

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[News] 160107 “Running Man,” Park Jin Young, 2PM’s Nichkhun, and BEAST Take Home Trophies at Weibo Awards

Nichkhun Park Jin Young

On December 7, the “2015 Weibo Night” took place in Beijing, hosted by popular Chinese social networking site Weibo. The annual awards ceremony awards those who have made waves in the fashion, financial, and entertainment spheres in the past year.

Due to the popularity of SBS’s “Running Man” in China, members Song Ji Hyo, Gary, and Lee Kwang Soo took home two trophies in total. Song Ji Hyo and Gary won the “Global Male/Female Artist Award” while Lee Kwang Soo was awarded “Popular Asian Artist of the Year.”

Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment took home “Most Influential Producer of the Year” while 2PM‘s Nichkhun received “Male God of the Year.”

Cube Entertainment group BEAST performed at the ceremony and also took home the award for “Popular Asian Group of the Year.”

On top of these Hallyu stars, many influential Asian celebrities were invited to the event, including Fan Bingbing, Stephen Chow, Jack Ma (the chairman of Alibaba Group), Yao Chen, Lynn Hung, and celebrity couple Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao.


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