[News] 2PM Resumes Comeback Preparations with New Music Video Director

2PM Resumes Comeback Preparations with New Music Video Director

On May 19, a representative from JYP Entertainment told Star News, “2PMwill film their music video for their new song with a different director some time this month.”

Prior to this statement, 2PM is still undergoing legal actions against their previous music video director, who suddenly terminated his contract and delayed 2PM’s and GOT7‘s comebacks. 2PM’s comeback had initially been scheduled for June 1.

After this setback, 2PM turned to NAIVE Creative Production, a video production team, and dove back into preparing for their comeback.

An affiliate of 2PM’s company stated, “Right now, the  2PM members are on their Japan Arena Tour as well as diligently getting ready for their comebacks by practicing the choreography to their new song. There are still a lot of things to get done, so there isn’t a set comeback date yet.”

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment is still pursuing legal actions against the music video director’s irresponsible behaviors.


cr : http://www.soompi.com/2015/05/18/2pm-resumes-comeback-preparations-with-new-music-video-director/

[News] JYP States that 2PM will Make Mid-June Comeback

2PM will return to fans in June.

On May 18, 2PM′s Junho appeared on SBS Power FM′s Cultwo with Twenty co-star, Kim Woo Bin.

Back on March 16, Kim Woo Bin and Junho promised to appear on the radio program again with their trainers if Twenty hits over three million viewers. They kept their promise on this day.

During the broadcast, Junho stated, “2PM is coming back in June. Please call us out [to the show] then as well.”

Regarding this, JYP Entertainment told Newsen on May 18, “2PM will make a comeback in mid-June. The exact comeback date hasn′t been decided yet.”

“The music video filming dates are currently being tuned. We′ll be shooting the music video soon and making a comeback.”

JYP States that 2PM will Make Mid-June Comeback

2PM was originally supposed to film a music video for production company, Dextor-Lab, and make a comeback on June 1. However, four days ahead of the filming, the director notified the company that he couldn′t shoot the music video, causing all schedules to be rescheduled.

2PM will work on the new music video with Naive Creative Production. JYP Entertainment stated, “2PM will work with Naive for the music video. The concept of the music video will remain the same, but the album release date will change. Naive is a team that we′ve worked with many times.”

cr : http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/92751/jyp-states-that-2pm-will-make-mid-june-comeback

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