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[Pics & Fanacc] 130629 Hottests After Party

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[FANACC] 130629 2PM Hottest After Party.

- h_ellobeautiful -

TaecWoo, TaecChan, JunBros and KhunYoung were the coupling that DJ-ed!

I cant even at how freaking awesome this after party is!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

When they took turns to DJ, the boys played the type of songs they would listen to so it was really good!

TaecWoo DJ-ed and played Sexy Bitch and I was like O_O and everyone got high. EVen the boys! Lol

Junho was a freaking tease/bitch. He pretended to give out burgers ut in the end, he ate them infront of fans -.-”

Junho played some Justin Bieber song and started dancing and I was like wtf?!??! Hahhhhaha but everyone still got high.

KhunYoung took over the DJ booth and they were so cutteeeeeee! Doing couple danceTaecChan> KhunYoung followed by Junbros!

The afterparty was so awesome, partying with the boys and the crowd was so hyped up.

Junho unbuttoned his shirt a little since it was too hot.

Junbros took over the DJ spot and was so high dancing to the songs and asking us to sing along.

After Party was da bomb. Sweaty but it was so worth it.

Woo has this fluffy hair style today since he didn’t styled his hair.

Also they ate ice cream while partying with us ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Boys passed out drinks and food to the fans.

Boys took turns to take polaroid with fans on the roundtable and gave it out!

Minjun took videos of fans singing along to songs ^^
Thankyou to h_ellobeautiful, mcheller, and Joyceleneluv for the fanacc.
Compiled by ivonna@ProudHottest ^_^

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