[News] Nichkhun debut as a movie star in “7 Years GTH anniversary movie”

Note: A guy on Khun’s right is P Geng Jira Malikul, the movie director

Source: GTHfilmZickSiamrath

Nichkhun Horvejkul the famous Asian singer chose to debut in Thai movie with a feel good movie studio “GTH”. In their spacial project for the studio 7 years anniversary with 3 couples 3 gennerations love stories that full of talent actors.
Such as, Sunny Suwannametha, Chris Horwang, Kao Jirayu Laongmanee, Suekwan Bulkul , Sutattaya Udomsil, Opal Panisra Pimpru etc. There are 3 generations directors 3 styles. This was one of the most interesting big project in 2012.

Nichkhun revealed that ” I chose to debut with GTH because I feel that they have quality in their work , good story line, great arts directed and their movies are fun to watch. I like this studio since the movie Fanchan, Shutter and etc. So I told my Thailand manager that I would like to have movie debut in Thailand and I would like to be in a great studio like ” GTH” Then my manager said they have contacted him with a good project by P Geng Jira Malikul. So after I know which movie he directed, I was stunned that he is one of the best directors.

I would like to thank you them to let me be part of this movie. Even though I never have any acting experiences before. I feel honor and proud that P Geng chose me. And to shoot the 7th anniversary movie for celebrating 7 years GTH made me stay in Thailand more than 5 days for the first time in the last 5 year. I have chances to watch sun rise these made me have more strength to work. This was a joyful working moment. This movie although it was hard for me since it was my first movie. But, I’m sure that the charm of the story line that the audience will hook with it. It also has some pressure that make me to overcome this. I would like to ask all my fans to watch this movie because I put so much effort in to it.

Eng-Th by TKKT@followkhun

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