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Nichkhun and Victoria reveals their thoughts about “KhunToria”

The foreigner idol couple “Khuntoria”‘s Chuseok Story.. “My self-made songpyeon? Of course they’re beautiful.”

Us, Khuntoria… Dream to be world stars…We hope readers have a healthy and happy Chuseok.

“We don’t see each other frequently but we’re sad when we think about it. Victoria also cries.” (Nichkhun · 2PM member)

“Although we had our jobs, we spent time with each other for more than a year as a couple, I feel really sad about it.” (Victoria · f(x) member)

The epitome of “Beastly Idol”, 2PM’s young prince Nichkhun (23) along with the fresh and youthful girl idol group f(x)’s flower girl Victoria (24 · Real Name Song Qian) looked at each other with sad gazes. This is because their last broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married (also known as WGM)” will be on September 17, marking the end for this virtual foreign couple.

Nichkhun was a Thai studying in the United States when he was Casted, and Victoria was from Qing Dao and joined a dance academy in Beijing before coming to Korea to debut as a singer. We met the two of them in the Lotte Hotel in Junggu, Seoul. Victoria said, “When you feel lonely and you want to talk to someone, it’s nice to be able to talk to a fellow foreigner.” Nichkhun agreed, “It’s really comfortable to be with a friend whom you can tell anything without feeling burdened. I think I’m going to miss this a lot.”

We are Khuntoria (Nichkhun + Victoria).

“I really felt like we were lovers. Like those actors and actresses in dramas, the man and the woman has chemistry, you know. I get nervous, my heart starts beating fast.. Once the shooting starts, I put this in my head, ‘We are a couple’.” (Nichkhun)

For over 500 days, these two made the virtual couple concept seem real. People are confused whether this couple is real or fake. Victoria then commented on Nichkhun’s statement.

“No, Nichkhun, it’s different from dramas. I mean, in dramas, the words are scripted. But we just say what we think in a free-style way. Whether the camera is shooting or not, we’re still comfortable around each other, so it’s not exactly something that starts and then ends.”

When asked whether the two are really a couple, both answered “no”. But because of Nichkhun’s sweet and caring behavior around Victoria, a lot of fans are starting to wonder about the status of this couple. Also, the different outfits Victoria wears and how she says “How should I wear this? How should I wear this?” as well as how they feed each other food made them earn a new nickname, the “hands-free couple”.

Victoria said, “Even though Nichkhun is younger than me, he seems more of a man to me rather than a dongsaeng. Especially because I can’t really make decisions so he really gives off a cool image.” Nichkhun then started to praise his “wife”, “She’s really feminine and is really good at cooking. For my birthday, she made a full 9-dish meal, and the seaweed soup was really delicious. When I first started, the writer recommended a few people but I said I’d really want to try and do this with Victoria. I mean, she’s my ideal type.” However, Victoria’s ideal type was Song SeungHun. Victoria commented, “Even though my ideal type is Song SeungHun, but amongst the artists, I only like the handsome Nichkhun.”

An unforgettable wedding photoshoot?

Before the goodbye, there was a wedding photoshoot as well as the wedding ceremony itself. The long-awaited first kiss has also happened. Nichkhun recalled that he thought Victoria looked like a goddess when he saw her in the wedding dress.

“I can’t forget it. I mean, Victoria was really beautiful. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing and it felt very ‘real’ to me.” (Nichkhun)

“That’s right. It was really different from other photoshoots. I chose the wedding dress myself. When I saw that, I thought, ‘I’d be really happy to wear this’.” (Victoria)

Despite that, Victoria “complained” about Nichkhun’s affection after the wedding ceremony. “Like the previous times, we do things together without complaints so now if we dislike something we worry and don’t do anything, we’ll just dislike it.” Nichkhun commented, “Eh, that’s not it. If we both do things smoothly the audience would get bored so our pretending was intentional.” Victoria then joked, “Are you saying I’m the bad one?” Nichkhun followed up, “It really seems like you’re jumping back and forth. If you keep listening to Victoria, you’ll get bored.” Victoria then responded, “I don’t think so. It’s not like I’m trying to annoy you. Ah, it’s hot. Am I turning red right now?”

Now that it’s nearing Chuseok, they tear up at the thought of their families

Nichkhun came to Korea on April 2006, so this is the 6th Chuseok since he landed in Korea. Victoria came in 2007 so this is the 4th. Victoria said, “Last year, I made songpyeon for KBS’ Invincible Youth shooting in the countryside. We have to knead the hot water to the flour and put in beans or sesame seeds. I made a lot until my hands became hot.” Nichkhun commented, “A beautiful daughter makes beautiful songpyeon. Obviously, you made them beautifully.”

These two also think about their families. Nichkhun has once had his family come on screen together with him for a CF. He said, “Whenever I go to Thailand, I gather with my family. There are about 30 people so we gather and eat together. Even when I’m not there, my family would always gather on the weekend.” Victoria shared, “Even though I’m the only daughter, I’m always the ‘centre’ so everyone is happy to meet me. I have nobody from my dad’s side, whereas I have an oppa and two unnies from my mom’s side. I’m the maknae so everyone treats me nicely. I also get all the new-year money all to myself. Haha.”

Nichkhun usually spends his Chuseok quietly. “Back when I was a trainee, I would go to a restaurant together with the staff and we’d devour the food together. Because of that, I ate lots of ramyun.” Victoria also said, “I remembered I wanted to eat together with the trainees for Chuseok, but at the end I went to McDonalds and ate a hamburger. I would go to China before [Chuseok], since there’s also Chuseok in China. I would gather and have dinner with my family, share and eat mooncakes, and we would also watch the TV.”

However, these two have no regrets. Nichkhun admitted, “When I first received the casting results, I rejected it because a student’s job is to study and exercise. However, my grandmother told me, ‘My grandson, go to Korea and be a celebrity’, and so I went.” Victoria then shared, “I was only one year away from finishing school but at the end I had to withdraw. My major was dancing so being able to have a job as a singer made my heart too full for words.” They have big dreams. Nichkhun wants to be a world star like Rain, and Victoria is currently practicing to be a worldwide actress like Zhang Ziyi.

The Khuntoria couple then sent a goodbye message as well as their Chuseok greetings. “Thank you for all your love so far. We’ll still be close to each other, and we will show you better sides of ourselves. Have a healthy and happy Chuseok!”

Credits: Chosun
Trans by spiceshoe@iheartfx

Credit: as on pics

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