Nichkhun’s profile

Name : Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul

Nickname: Khun

Name in Thai: นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล

Name in Korean: 닉쿤

Name in Japanese: ニックン

Birth date: June 24th, 1988

Birth place: California, USA

Nationality: Thai, American

Ethnic: Thai, Chinese

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Buddhism

Languages: Fluent in Thai, English, and Korean. Still learning Chinese and Japanese


Thepkanchana School (prep-grade 4), Thailand

Tungpiruntham School (grade 5&6), Thailand

Nawamintharachinutit Satriwittaya Phuttamonthon School (grade 7), Thailand

Wanganui Collegiate School (a year and a half), New Zealand

A school in California (grade 9), USA (still unknown for fans)

Los Osos High School (grade 10-12), USA

Parents: The mother, Yenjit Horvejkul, is a Chinese descendant born in Thailand. The father, Teeragiat Horvejkul, is a Thai & Chinese descendant born in Thailand.

Siblings: Nichkhun has 3 siblings

Older brother: Nichan Horvejkul (Chan)

Younger sister: Nitikarn Horvejkul (Yanin)

Youngest sister: Nutcharee Horvejkul (Cherleen)

Nichkhun was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. At the age of 18 months old, he moved by to Thailand with his family. His old house used to be on Soi. Charunsanitvong 37. He studied until Grade 4 at Thepkanchana School, Prannok district. During those times, he always got awards on healthy teeth. Then, he moved to live around puttamonthon sai 3 road. He graduated his Grade 6 at Tungpiruntham School and then continued pre-high school at Nawamintharachinutit Satriwittaya Phuttamonthon School. Then, he with his brother moved to study at Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand. When his brother moved to the US, he was so lonely and called home many times but finally he can adapt himself there.

At the age of 12 years old, after study New Zealand for a year and a half, his auntie tells his parents that there is an empty room in her house so he moved to study in the US in the small town in California. He entered to Grade 9. At his first year there, he got GPA 3.8 to 3.9 but then it falls down to 3.7 because he hanged around with friends. When a new school opened around his house, Los Osos School, his brother told him to move but in his mind, he did not want to because he already had friends there. However, since the new school was bigger and newer, he moved. After moving a while, he got new friends. His grade falls down slightly into 3.4. In this school, he was very well-known. Students copied the style of his cloth.

How he entered JYPE

In 2005, while he was studying in the US, his Korean friend asked him to go to Korean Music Festival in Los Angles. On that day, JYPE sent staffs to audition there. A JYPE staff and a staff from another company invited him to audition. They discussed who comes to him first so Nichkhun walked out but gave his number to both of them. The next day, the staff from another company called him but he told that guy he was not interested. On the same day, JYPE called him and told him that JYPE was the company that Rain was in. This interested him. After a lot of calls, Nichkhun gave out the reason that he was far away from the town and he did not have a car. So, the staff made an appointment with him at a coffee shop nearby his house.

In 2006, Nichkhun became a new trainee under JYP Entertainment which has Rain, the singer & actor, under it. He signed the contract for 8 years. His first work under JYPE is to be the MC in Thailand for Super Star Survival, a reality show. He went to Korea for a week to see how JYPE works and how they train. Then, he was back to Thailand for 2 weeks to shoot for this show at Siam Square. He started to be known. Reporters and K-pop magazines asked for interviewing. Finally, He went back to the US to continue his study but there was a problem. He asked his friend to send a days-off letter to the school before but the letter was not sent to the school. He failed on his last semester. So, he got on a test to get the Diploma from the school.

How he became a member of 2PM

Nichkhun stayed in JYPE dorm and learnt dancing, acting, and Korean language. He studied form 11am to 9pm and got a test every months. The artist trainers reported his improvement and relationship with friends. There are rules such as no alcohol and no girlfriend. Whoever broke the rules, they got fired. There was 5 trainees who joined this project with Nichkhun. About continuing University, Nichkhun dropped it so he can focus on the training in Korea.

In the mid of 2007, JYPE announced that there would be a boy band of 11,12, or 13 member. In August, they announced names of 12 members. Nichkhun was on that list which is that same as in the reality show, Hot Blood Guys, on MCountdown, Mnet Channel. On September 4th, 2008, Nichkhun and 6 of his friends in Hot Blood Guys debuted 2PM with the single “10 out of 10” in the album “Hottest Time of the Day”, while the others from Hot Blood Guys debuted as 2AM. 2PM and 2AM together are called “OneDay”


1. Superstar Survival (2006)

2. J’s Studio (2007)

2. Hot Blood Guys (2008)

3. Yashimmanman Season 2 (2008)

4. Schoolympic Happy Sunday (2008)

5. MBC Idol Show (2009)

6. Mnet Scandal (2009)

7. Star King (2009)

8. Wild Bunny (2009)

9. Sunday Sunday Night – Body Body Body (2009)

10. Danbi (2010)

11. MC for MCountdown (for 3 months, 2010)

12. We Got Married (as a guest for Jokwon & Gain couple) (2010)

13. We Got Married (Main Couple with Victoria) (2010 & 2011)

14. Running Man (as a guest twice alone & once with Taec) (2010 & 2011)

15. More Charming by The Day (cameo appearance, 2010)

16. All My Love (cameo appearance, 2010)

17. Dream High (cameo appearance, 2011)

18. MC for MBC’s 50th Anniversary Music Wave Concert (Thailand, 2011)

19. SBS Sitcom “Welcome to the Show” (Pilot Episode)

20. 2PM Show SBS E! TV



Ouran High School Host Club (Oran Koukou Hosutobu ) (Japanese movie)

Seven Something – GTH Movie (Thai movie)

CF & Main Endorsements


1. Acuvue Contact Lens (Thailand)

2. Dutchmill with Rain (Thailand)

3. BSC Ice Shock (Thailand)


1. Splash Orange (Thailand)

2. Walls Cornetto (Thailand)

3. Splash Lemon (Thailand)

4. Elite (with SNSD)


1. Mederma (for his family business) (Thailand)

1. Come to Thailand “Let’s take a break”, Tourism Authority of Thailand (Thailand)

2. Suzuki Jelato (Thailand)

3. Body Shop – soft hands, king heart campaign

4. Hanami (as 2PM, Thailand)

5. Sumsung Anycall Omnia (with JYP)

6. Sumsung Anycall Corby

7. Market O Real Brownie

8. Paris Baguette (with Kim Tae Hee)

9. Cass Beer (with Yun Eun Hye)


1. Coca Cola mini

2. Spris Pony

3. It’s Skin

4. Oppo (as 2PM, Thailand)

5. Everland Caribbean Bay (with SNSD)

6. Calvin Klein

7. Minute Mate

8. Ottogi Boddle Boddle Cheese Ramen

9. Custom Mellow

10. Sumsumg Anycall Nori F

11. Brands’ – Don’t Stop Our Creativity (with Tor+, Thailand)

12. Cass Beer (Adventure version)

13. Baskins Robbins


1. Nepa

2. It’s skin (Kiss Version)


4. LG U+ 002 (with his family)

5. Coca Cola (Colorful theme version)

6. Look Optical

7. Brands’ – Gen 4 (with Tor+, Thailand)

8. Eversense (as 2PM, Thailand)

9. Coca Cola Zero

10. Lotte Duty Free

11. Everland Aqua Loop (with Victoria)

12. Unicef – Birthday Donation Campaign

13. Oppo (as 2PM, Thailand)

14. Edwin (with Miss A)

15. Sumsung Multiview (Thailand)


1. Mr.Pizza (Korea)

2. Eversense (with 2PM & Bifern, Thailand)

3.  Brands’  (with Peach Patchara, Thailand)

4. Coway (Korea)

5. Sempio Black Vinegar  (Japan)

6.  Mitsubishi Mirage (solo, Thailand)


1. Taokaenoi (Thailand)

Music VDO

1. Irony of  Wondergirls 2007

2. The End is Coming of 8Eight 2010

3. Touch of Will Pan 2011 (Taiwan)

4. Hurt… and getting used to it of ETC band (Thailand)

Albums, Mini-albums, and Singles


We Become One (Walls Cornetto Ost., Only Nichkhun, Thailand)


Hottest Time of the Day (1st Mini Album)


Let’s Take a Break for Tourism Authority of Thailand (Only Nichkhun, Thailand)

2:00 PM Time for Change (2nd Mini Album)

My Color (Sumsung Anycall Corby Ost.)

Follow Your Soul (Oppo Ost., Thailand)

1.59 PM (1st Album)

Tik Tok (Cass Beer Ost., with Yun Eun Hye)


Open Happiness (Coca Cola Ost.)

Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (3rd Mini Album)

Cabi (Caribbean Bay Ost., with SNSD)

Nori For U (Sumsung Anycall Nori F Ost.)

Thank You (Special song for Hottests, Singles)

Still 2:00 PM (4th Mini Album)

Last Christmas (JYP Nation)

Hottest-2PM 1st Music Video Collection History DVD (Japan only)


My Valentine (DreamHigh Ost., with Taecyeon&JYP)

All about 2PM DVD (Japan only)

Take Off (Japan Official Debut, Mini Album)

My Valentine (DreamHigh Ost. – Japanese Version, with Taecyeon & Wooyoung)

Hands Up (2nd Album)

I’m Your Man (2nd Japan Mini Album)

Ultra Lover (3rd Japan Mini Album)

REPUBLIC OF 2PM (1st Japan Album)

Beautiful (4th Japan Mini Album)


Legend of 2PM (2nd Japanese Album)


2011 Nichkhun became a wax model for Madame Tussauds Bangkok

April 2012 Nichkhun nominated for Thailand’s 1st Annual Kerd Awards (Kerd of the year section)

FYI on Nichkhun

- “Nichkhun”, pronouncing Nich-Cha-Khun, was named by his mother. Its meaning is “The person who has virtue as a living place” (Having virtue in his heart keeps away darkness and leads to succeed.)

- The reason Korean calls him “Nik-Khun” is that a JYPE staff read his English name (Nichkhun) and wrote down in Korean like that.

- He can read and write Thai as a normal Thai

- When Nichkhun was very young, he was on stage with his brother singing Bird Thongchai’s “MorkRueKwan (Flog or Smoke)”; however, he was too shy so he just stood and let his brother sing alone.

- He learnt to play piano since 5 years old but he did not like it at that time because he was forced to learn it but one day he listened to Yurima’s Kiss the Rain, he wanted to play piano again

- He always got “Healthy Teeth” from his school when he was young.

- He got 2 gold medals as from doubles and mixed doubles (with Yanin) in Bangkok’s badminton championship, 2000.

- The first time he learnt Japanese is when he studied in New Zealand.

- The concert that JYPE staffs met Nichkhun in the US is G.O.D’s.

- The coffee shop nearby his house that Nichkhun was auditioned is Starbucks and he sang Old Town’s “All or Nothing” on the Audition.

- In 2007, he was a MC with Taecyeon on J’s Studio, a JYPE program on its website telling news and updates on JYPE’s artists. The program was cancelled after the 2nd episode.

- He was taken out from Ya Shim Man Man 2 because he was not fluent in Korean at that time; however, he gained popularity from his talent in Star King.

- In April 2009, he went back to Thailand to join the military’s recruitment at Komutputtarungsi Temple. Even though there are many volunteers and it’s full on the quota, the military asked Nichkhun to take the card (black or red) from a black box without telling anything to him. Nichkhun got the red card meaning “join the army”. However, he wasn’t required to join the army because the quota is full. The military just wanted to show the process of recruitment.

- In December 2009, he was confirmed to take a role in “The Shining Diploma” but the filming was postponed so that it conflicted with his schedule and he dropped out in March, 2010.

- He cries three times in public since he moves to Korea. First is in Hot Blood Guys. Second is in Star King. Third is in Encore Concert, 2010.

- He gets his nickname, Tae-Gook-Wang-Ja, from Korean. It means “Prince of Thailand”

- He usually wears wristband “We love the King”

Writen and rearranged by zaibatsu
Credit: welovekhun, gangkhun, wikipedia

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  • 11.17 Shanghai!What time is it?It’s time to meet!


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  • i love you nichkhun…. goodluck at your career and your lovelife.. hope you find the right girl that won’t hurt and leave you… i am a filipino … me and my classmates are your biggest fans… we love you!!


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  • Hello nichkhun im ur biggest fan…… from iran and my name is aida…………u r sooooooooooooo cute and i love u soooooooo much my cosin love u too……… she lives in dubai and usually she gives me some news from korea……oh i forgot pls marry with victoria and love her sooooooooooo much….pls dont forget it…………take care and we love u………


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  • hai, nickhun. im from malaysia. i really want to meet you. i want to squeeze you very much. i want to be your friend.


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